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Post submitted by Karl Bach, Former HRC Senior Regional Field Organizer

Equality Delaware and HRC staff were back in  Dover today for a historic vote on Senate Bill 97, which will add gender identity and expression to Delaware’s nondiscrimination law and hate crime law. This legislation will provide critical protections in employment, housing, public accommodations and insurance for transgender Delawareans. This bill moved quickly through the Senate and after a hearing in the Judiciary Committee yesterday the bill passed on the Senate floor by a vote of 11 to 7 this afternoon.
Sarah McBride, an Equality Delaware Board member who testified in support of the bill, said, "The Senate vote today inspired a lot of hope in me and I’m sure that’s true for many other transgender people across Delaware. It was inspiring to see a majority of the Senators stand up for a group that has seen disproportionate levels of discrimination and violence."
"Today’s vote is a major step in our path towards fairness for all Delawareans, but it’s only half the journey. I’m looking forward to see the Gender Identity Nondiscrimination bill move to the House. This issue has been on the table for 15 years and it’s past time that we secure protections so that all Delawareans are treated with dignity and fairness."
To learn more about Sarah and her story, watch below.

If you live in Delaware take a moment to send your Representative a message in support of SB 97.  It’s time for Delaware to join 16 other states in prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity and expression.

HRC has had staff working in Delaware since January with Equality Delaware on the marriage equality bill and now on the gender identity nondiscrimination bill. To learn what you can do to help the effort in Delaware please contact Karl Bach at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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