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Indiana HJR 3

HRC staff at the capitol for the hearing.
(L-R) HRC Regional Field Organizer Lindsey Clark,
& HRC State Legislative Director Sarah Warbelow

At 10:00 am (ET) today, all eyes will be on the Indiana House of Representatives as the Judiciary Committee takes up debate on HJR-3 for the first time since 2011. 

You can watch the debate live as both opponents and proponents testify this morning.
For months, volunteers across Indiana have let their legislators know how they feel about HJR-3, the proposed resolution to send a constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage and any form of partnership recognition to the 2014 ballot. Senators and representatives have heard from thousands of Hoosiers who believe in fairness and dignity for all families.

Thousands of emails, phone calls, handwritten letters and face-to-face meetings have taken place in districts from Evansville to Fort Wayne and New Albany to Gary all with the same message – HJR-3 hurts Indiana and Indiana families.
If the resolution passes out of committee today, it is expected to proceed to the House floor for a vote as soon as Wednesday this week.  The Senate will take up the issue later this month should it pass through the House.

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