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Welcoming SchoolsIn honor of Martin Luther King Day, CNN profiled HRC Foundation's Welcoming Schools program as a leader in fighting homophobia, bias and bullying in schools.

CNN explained, "Little insults and acts of disrespect once shrugged off or ignored -- just kids being kids -- are now treated in some schools as important chances to learn."

Welcoming Schools is an LGBT-inclusive approach to addressing family diversity, gender stereotyping and bullying and name-calling in K-5 learning environments.

As we approach Martin Luther King Day, CNN's article is an important reminder that conversations around equality and bias are issues that need to be taught year round, not just on holidays.

Welcoming Schools offers professional development tools, lessons, training, and many additional resources for use in elementary schools. Efforts focus on ending bullying and name-calling; embracing family diversity; and avoiding gender stereotypes. Administrators, educators and parents/guardians can find materials here necessary to create learning environments in which all students are welcomed and respected.

A 12-minute film, "What Can we Do? Bias, Bullying and Bystanders," is currently streaming free on the Welcoming Schools' website.

Welcoming Schools, and the HRC Foundation's additional work on behalf of children, youth and families, will be among dozens of programs featured next month at HRC's Time to Thrive conference for educators and other youth-serving professionals.

Read CNN's article in full here.

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