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Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

We’re hoping to make lightning strike twice and to do so, we need your help. As we await the Supreme Court's decisions on two historic marriage equality cases, we have a great opportunity to turn the web red once again in the name of equality and love.

To demonstrate the incredible support for marriage equality, we’re asking everyone to make the red equal sign their social media profile picture once again -- NOW through decision day, whenever that is.

If you participated in our campaign to turn the Internet red for marriage equality back in March, you know how meaningful it was. Missed the March marriage madness? Now is your chance to show your support.

Update your profile picture with a red logo so your entire social network knows that you’re standing on the right side of history. And then ask your friends and family to join you! To help get you started, we included a graphic above for you to use as your profile picture, or simply to help spread the word. And if you're sharing on Instagram, use the hashtag #time4marriage to participate in our marriage equality photo collage, Picturing Equality.

And for the latest and breaking news from the Supreme Court, be sure to stay tuned to

We’ll be launching brand new, innovative engagement tools throughout the month to help you show your support and connect with an expansive community of fair-minded Americans. 

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