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On last night’s episode of “I am Cait,” Caitlyn Jenner met with transgender activists and leaders, including HRC staff members, at HRC’s Action Center and Store in San Francisco. 

The group shared with Jenner many of the problems transgender people face, including workplace discrimination, access to healthcare, anti-transgender violence and visibility. 

“Most people think that transgender people are protected from discrimination across the country and that’s really not the case,” HRC Senior Legislative Counsel Alison Gill explained. “It can really lead to all sorts of problems.” 

Angelica Ross, CEO and founder of TransTech, and Blossom Brown, an HRC volunteer, as well as HRC’s Director of Research and Public Education Jay Brown and HRC’s Membership Events & Operations Coordinator Laya Monarez, discussed the struggles of coming out as transgender, including access to healthcare, maintaining jobs, sex work and discrimination.  

A recent HRC survey showed a significant increase of Americans who say they personally know a transgender person –– 22 percent up from 17 percent who said they did in a similar poll last year. Moreover, 66 percent of those who said they know a transgender person expressed favorable feelings toward them. 

While transgender visibility continues to increase, poverty, employment discrimination, housing discrimination and violence are prevailing issues in the transgender community. 

In partnership with the Trans People of Color Collective, HRC Foundation released an issue brief earlier this year, A National Crisis: Anti-Transgender Violence, highlighting critical violence facing transgender women of color.  At least 13 transgender women were murdered in 2014, and at least 11 have been killed already this year.

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