Over the Halloween weekend, historically Black colleges and universities (HBCU) students, administrators and faculty from across the country descended upon Washington, D.C., for a weekend of training, networking and most importantly, empowerment.

For the last decade, HRC Foundation has hosted an annual leadership summit for HBCU students. With the desire to deepen our impact on HBCU campuses and speed up the necessity for change, this year, HRC invited university administrators, faculty and staff. HRC also collaborated with the National Black Justice Coalition to ensure that university administrators were able to learn, train and understand the importance of having an inclusive campus.

Administrators, some of whom took part in dialogues specifically about LGBTQ students for the first time, participated in workshops such as “Fostering Inclusive Campus Climates and Implementing Policies that Produce Positive Change for LGBT People” and  “The Quality of Life for the LGBTQ Population on HBCU Campuses.” Students learned about “Breaking Through Internalized Oppression” and “Combating the Implications of Imposter Syndrome.”

HRC hopes that all participants left the weekend ready to return to their respective campuses and to tackle the concerns and issues they face. We have great expectations for the student and university leaders that attended this weekend. We want to them to make noise, make change and make a difference on their respective campuses.

Moving forward, the HBCU Project will provide training, technical assistance and additional gatherings to provide the support to all who are working to creating positive change.

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