Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

The Boy Scouts of America’s board is expected to announce sometime today whether or not to lift a national ban on gay leaders and members.

Representatives for the Scouts indicated last week they would lift the national anti-gay ban, but leave it up to sponsoring organizations to decide whether or not to institute their own bans. This policy leaves the door open for discrimination at the local level, and it's not good enough.

The BSA is accepting public feedback on their decision. All week, equality-minded individuals have joined HRC in calling for the BSA to adopt an official non-discrimination.

Yesterday Bishop Gene Robinson joined HRC President Chad Griffin in an op-ed on the Boston Globe, calling on the BSA leadership to set the example.

Don’t pass the buck and watch passively while young people in progressive big cities are free to be Scouts while those in conservative small towns are turned away. Stop behaving as though the question of treating children equally is so unimportant as to be delegated to a local committee like the amending of bylaws. Do not treat so violently and cheaply the hopes of LGBT youth in this country. Do not destroy their dreams of a country that embraces them for who they are.

Discrimination in one troop or against one Scout is one too many. There’s still time to call on BSA to do the right thing.

Take action now.


Update:According to ABC News BSA will delay the decision until the board has had more time to deliberate. The decision is now expected to come at the next board meeting in May.

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