Post submitted by Beth Sherouse, former ACLS Public Fellow, HRC Senior Content Manager

Authorities in Monterey Park, California, are seeking the public’s help finding a suspect who, according to news reports, struck a 16-year-old transgender girl with a car Saturday morning and fled the scene. The teenager is in critical condition in a local hospital.

“I don't understand how somebody could just leave a human being on the side of the road and drive off,” the teen’s uncle appealed to the public for help in a news conference Monday. “If anyone has information, I beg you, please come forward.”

Although some news outlets have reported that the hit-and-run was intentional, it is unknown at this point whether this was a bias-motivated attack.

Transgender people, and transgender women of color in particular, face disproportionate levels of fatal violence. At least 21 transgender people were victims of fatal violence in 2015, and there have been at least six victims thus far in 2016.

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