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Today the Human Rights Campaign celebrated U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announcement that full federal recognition will extend to the more than 1,300 gay and lesbian couples who have legally married in Utah. The action by the Department of Justice comes after HRC President Chad Griffin wrote to Attorney General Holder yesterday urging full recognition for the Utah couples.

“These 1,360 Utah couples are married, plain and simple, and they should be afforded every right and responsibility of marriage,” said HRC President Chad Griffin following today’s news. “Attorney General Eric Holder has once again shown the kind of leadership that earns you a spot in the history books. This is only the beginning of this fight, and this work continues until marriage equality returns to Utah for good, and full equality reaches every American in all 50 states.”

Same-sex couples in Utah were legally empowered to marry between December 20th and Monday, January 6th, when the U.S. Supreme Court stayed a lower court’s decision pending appeal. In addition to the letter to Attorney General Holder, Griffin also wrote to the attorneys general in marriage equality states urging them to recognize the legally-conferred Utah marriages.

To view HRC President Chad Griffin’s letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, click here.

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