Post submitted by Ianthe Metzger, Former Press Secretary, State & Local 

HRC responded to ads from a new unregistered group called “Nevada Parents for Safe Schools,” that demonize transgender people and attack gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak for his support of LGBTQ equality.

“These ads are egregious, hateful and not representative of who we are as a state,” said HRC Nevada State Director Briana Escamilla. “Time and time again, in races across the country, we’ve seen that hate is a losing political strategy, yet far right, sham organizations continue to latch on to LGBTQ discrimination and demonize the transgender community to stir up votes. It won’t work. Nevada voters overwhelmingly support LGBTQ equality and won’t stand for these false attacks and smear campaigns against their friends, family and neighbors. We’re on the ground working harder than ever to ensure that Nevada voters -- including the state’s more than 600,000 Equality Voters -- turn out on November 6 to reject the politics of hate and fear, and elect pro-equality champions like Steve Sisolak, who will defend LGBTQ equality and fight for a Nevada that we can all be proud of.”

In Nevada, HRC has identified more than 600,000 “Equality Voters” -- voters who support LGBTQ-inclusive policies including marriage equality, equitable family law, and laws that would prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. HRC has prioritized investments and organizing in Nevada in the 2018 cycle, and has staff and resources on the ground in the state.

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