Yesterday, a Kentucky Senate committee approved Senate Bill 180, an outrageous bill that could allow individuals and businesses in the state to pick and choose which laws they follow in order to be able to discriminate against the LGBT community. SB 180 would enshrine state-sanctioned discrimination against LGBT Kentuckians and their families into law and encourage religious beliefs to be wielded as a sword of discrimination.

Senate Bill 180 would prohibit the government from compelling services or actions from anyone if doing so conflicts with their sincerely held religious beliefs,” The Lexington Herald Leader explained. “The bill expands the state’s 2013 Religious Freedom Restoration Act to clarify that businesses could not be punished in such cases for violating local ordinances that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.”

This isn’t the only anti-LGBT bill circulating in the Kentucky legislature. Earlier this week, the Kentucky Senate passed Senate Bill 5, which would create two separate forms from which couples would choose when applying for a marriage license. One would list a “bride and groom” and the other, intended for same-sex couples, would list "first party and second party."

These bills are a part of nearly 200 anti-LGBT bills across 32 states that have been introduced this year. To learn more about the anti-LGBT bills in your states, click here.

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