HRC & TPOCC ISSUE CALLS TO ACTION IN RESPONSE TO VIOLENT DEATHS OF TRANS AMERICANS: Today, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation and the Trans People of Color Coalition (TPOCC) released a comprehensive report on the epidemic of violence against transgender people, and specifically transgender women of color. The joint report comes in a year when at least 21 transgender people have been killed -- the most reported since 2006 when advocates began working to track reported homicides of transgender people across the United States. It tells the stories of victims, highlights key data, challenges, and case studies of cities working to address violence against transgender people. Stopping this violence will require action on a number of fronts, and the report includes calls to action in response to the crisis. Read more here and read the full report at:

FIRST-EVER CONGRESSIONAL FORUM TO BE HELD ON ANTI-TRANS VIOLENCE: The Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus will hold the first-ever Congressional Forum on violence against the transgender community in an effort to raise awareness of this scourge of violence. This historic forum will include testimony from community organizers, advocates, and service providers on the impact and causes of violence. It will include two panels, one representing the lived experience of transgender victims and educating on the scope of violence experienced by transgender people, particularly transgender people of color. A second panel will feature HRC President Chad Griffin and other voices of organizations dedicated to ending bias-motivated violence against transgender people. Read more via Katy Steinmetz at TIME here:

UTAH STATE CHILD WELFARE OFFICIALS REVIEWING JUDGE’S ORDER AFTER NATIONAL OUTCRY: According to the Associated Press, “Utah state child welfare officials are reviewing a ruling by a juvenile court judge who ordered a baby to be taken from lesbian foster parents and instead placed with a heterosexual couple for the child's well-being.” The decision by the judge to remove a child from their foster parents because of the couple’s sexual orientation caused an outcry among LGBT equality advocates and allies across the country. Read more here:

NEARLY 100,000 SAME-SEX WEDDINGS SINCE SCOTUS RULING ON MARRIAGE EQUALITY: A recent Gallup poll estimates that 96,000 same-sex weddings have taken place since the Supreme Court ruled on Obergefell v. Hodges in June. Same-sex couples living in states that had marriage equality before June’s monumental ruling are now more likely to be married than not. Overall, there are now approximately 972,000 Americans in same-sex marriages, representing nearly 10% of the LGBT population. Read more here:


HRC ALABAMA  LED INAUGURAL BUSINESS SUMMIT TO PROMOTE LGBT INCLUSION:  Yesterday, HRC Alabama joined forces with major corporate giants and prestigious companies from across the region to convene its first-ever summit to discuss the business case for greater LGBT inclusion in places of work across the state. Through featured speakers, a panel discussion, and a breakout session, the gathering allowed private sector leaders the opportunity to discuss how LGBT-friendly workplace policies and practices can help companies better attract and retain the nation’s best talent and compete in an increasingly global marketplace. Read more here:

INDY STAR EXPLAINS WHY LGBT NON-DISCRIMINATION PROTECTIONS SHOULD INCLUDE PUBLIC ACCOMMODATIONS: This morning the editorial board of the Indy Star wrote about the effort to pass statewide LGBT non-discrimination protections in Indiana, arguing it should not exclude public accommodations. Saying that Indiana deserves better than compromising on this important issue, they ask: “So why then would state leaders consider extending legal protections for LGBT citizens in employment and housing but exclude public accommodation? Are we willing to say as a state that some citizens are more deserving of full protection than others? What message would it send if state leaders deemed discrimination by business owners against our LGBT friends, neighbors and family members acceptable under the law?  Read more here:


UKRAINE PASSES LGBT WORKERS RIGHTS LEGISLATION: Yesterday, the Ukrainian parliament passed a new clause to the nation’s Labor Code, which aims to protect a wide range of people--including LGBT Ukrainians--seeking to work free from discrimination and abuse in the country. The legislation was part of a series of reforms that the legislature, known as Verkhovna Rada, has been considering in order to establish visa-free travel throughout the European Union for its citizens.  Despite this legislation, the situation for LGBT Ukrainians continues to be fraught with violence and discrimination. This summer, LGBT activists in Ukraine were brutally beaten and attacked during Kiev’s annual Gay Pride Parade, and a month later two men were violently assaulted for merely holding hands in public. Read more here:

NEW POLICY FOR TRANS PEOPLE IN KERALA, INDIA: The government of Kerala, a state in southern India, has unrolled the first transgender equality policy of its kind. The new policy will help enforce the rule of law, and ensure that transgender Keralan are protected from harm. The new policy, entitled 'State Policy for Transgenders in Kerala 2015,' aims at ending both legal discrimination and stigma against trans people. Read more here:


Staffers from HRC Global just returned from a week long series of meetings and consultations in Mozambique. As part of HRC’s growing partnership with Lambda, the leading LGBT advocacy group in Mozambique, HRC staff conducted participatory workshops on campaign planning, networking and messaging. HRC worked with Lambda to harness the organization’s strengths and resources to help it reach its goals. Read more here:


The Guardian: The transgender woman fighting for the right to see her son:

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