DONALD TRUMP’S STOKING FIRES OF ANTI-LGBTQ HATRED: In a speech yesterday, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton laid out how Donald Trump has associated himself with a cast of hateful characters from the fringe. Just last week, Trump was endorsed by James Dobson, who founded two of the most notorious anti-equality organizations in the nation: Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council, which has since been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Said HRC President Chad Griffin, “Donald Trump has built an entire campaign based on division, fear and undermining equality. Trump has threatened to undo crucial protections for LGBTQ people in the U.S. and around the globe, and courted the votes of anti-equality extremists.” More here.

  • Reminder: Trump’s new leadership team, Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, have a history of anti-equality rhetoric. Check it out here.

ANTI-TRANS ALL-STARS PUBLISH BIASED REVIEW OF LGBTQ “RESEARCH”: Psychiatrist Paul McHugh has described transgender people as caricatures, counterfeits, impersonators, confused and mad. Doctor and statistician Lawrence Mayer served as a $400-per-hour expert witness for North Carolina governor Pat McCrory’s defense of the state’s discriminatory HB2 law. Now, the pair have teamed up to promote their anti-LGBTQ views in The New Atlantis, a conservative policy magazine -- not a peer-reviewed journal. McHugh openly mocks transgender people, Mayer couches his opinions in concern for “suffering” LGBTQ youth and adults. Neither McHugh nor Mayer have conducted original research on LGBTQ people -- and neither have ever been published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal about sexual orientation or gender identity. Question begging to be asked: could they even get published? More from HRC and The Daily Dot.

VERMONT WOMEN’S BASKETBALL TEAM CANCELS GAME WITH UNC OVER HB2: The University of Vermont Catamounts have canceled plans to travel to North Carolina for a basketball game against the Tar Heels, Sports Illustrated reports. In a release, the school’s athletic director says NC’s anti-LGBTQ HB2 law is the reason.

SCHOOLS IN ALABAMA LEAD THE WAY IN ENSURING BATHROOM ACCESS: In, John Sharp explores how institutions of higher learning are leading the way in Alabama when it comes to ensuring that transgender students have access to the correct facilities. As state leaders fight and defy federal guidance on the issue, administrators and students view allowing people to use restrooms consistent with their identity as simple common sense. Hopefully, through their example, “politicians can see that facility usage is no big deal,” says HRC Alabama’s Eva Kendrick.

EXPLOSION IN LGBTQ NEWSPAPER BOX INVESTIGATED AS POSSIBLE HATE CRIME: Salem, Mass., police are investigating as a possible hate crime the detonation of an explosive device in a newspaper box for the local LGBTQ publication. Gricel Ocasio, co-founder of Rainbow News, has previously filed multiple complaints about vandalism to the box. More from CBS Boston.

THE REAL REASON CORPORATIONS TAKE A STAND ON LGBTQ RIGHTS: On Fortune Insiders, HRC’s Deena Fidas writes about why America’s corporate community has taken a lead in the fight for LGBTQ equality. “They do this not just because it is the right thing to do: As Fortune 500 and other major employers have made clear, it’s also smart for business,” Fidas writes. More from Fortune Insiders.

MUST WATCH: The U.S. Department of Justice released a new training video on how to treat transgender people with respect. Watch the video and read more at The Hill.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL TRAINER IN ARKANSAS, INSPIRED BY OTHERS, COMES OUT: Rob Redding, an athletic trainer for the Henderson State University football team, shares his story in OutSports about coming out as gay to his colleagues and players. He writes, “... I am sharing this story for everyone out there to see a successful out gay man working in college athletics in the South.” Congrats, Rob!

ISIL CONTINUES INHUMANE ACTS AGAINST LGBTQ PEOPLE: In yet another gruesome public execution, ISIL militants reportedly pushed four men off of a building in Mosul, Iraq, last week after accusing them of "homosexuality and sodomy." As is so often the case, a crowd gathered to watch the horrific display, which this time claimed the lives of two former members of ISIL. More from HRC.

ICYMI, actress and LGBTQ advocate Ellen Page visited Orlando on Viceland’s Emmy-nominated ‘Gaycation,’ and it was powerful. Page and co-host Ian Daniel spoke to survivors of the horrific shooting at Pulse nightclub on June 12, as well as friends of the 49 LGBTQ people and allies who lost their lives. They also interviewed hospital workers and advocates who worked tirelessly on that terrible night to treat and support the victims and families. More from The Daily Beast.

REVISITING TRANSGENDER SEXUAL HEALTH: Sexual health remains an integral part of overall health, including for transgender and gender-expansive people. HRC’s Safer Sex for Trans Bodies guide and yesterday’s Facebook Live detail persistent barriers to transgender sexual health. More from HRC.


The Daily Beast breaks down the “radical queerness” of Frank Ocean’s new album, Blonde… In The Washington Post, Eliel Cruz writes about what the Bible says -- or doesn’t say -- about transgender people… TIME makes the case for why Indonesia, the world’s biggest Muslim democracy, should accept its LGBTQ community… The Bay Area Reporter reviews the memoir of a Lebanese man growing up gay in Australia… The Atlantic reports on ways LGBTQ seniors are forced back in the closet in old age… The Daily Tar Heel raises a pint to a beer campaign that has raised more than $40,000 to fight HB2…

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