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It’s that time of year again: whether you love or hate the holidays, they’re here! Just like you, we’re very proud of all that happened in 2013, a tremendous year for marriage equality. There is much left to do, but we’re taking some time to celebrate (and shop)!

We’re also reflecting on the fact that the holidays this year are about more than fabulous family, friends, food, and parties. December is also about health. Your health. Your family’s health. Your friends’ health. Our community’s health.

Why? Healthcare has often failed to meet the needs of many in the LGBT community. It has failed to provide coverage when we needed it most, failed to recognize our families, and failed to protect us from financial ruin. Did you know that one in three of low-income LGBT people are uninsured? And two-thirds of them have not had insurance for more than two years. Even those with insurance have often been charged more because of a pre-existing medical condition or had their benefits reduced.Out2Enroll

Our community deserves better, which is why Out2Enroll is fired up about health reform. We hope to be your new best friend, connecting you, your cousin, your best friend, your barista and the entire LGBT community with new resources available under health reform.

We have answers to your most burning LGBT enrollment questions, an awesome video from our friend Jason Collins, a sweet blog, and amazing partners. And we’ve spent the past two weeks crisscrossing the country to deliver Out2Enroll’s message directly to you and your friends. So far, we’ve been to Denver, Las Vegas, Houston, and Philadelphia -- and that’s just the beginning. We’re also hearing stories from people like you who were able to get health insurance that fits their needs and their budget!

Are you fired up too? Great! Check out www.out2enroll.org to have all your questions answered, learn where to get help, and connect with www.healthcare.gov to explore your new coverage options today. Sign up by December 23 to make sure you have coverage on January 1, 2014.

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