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Since 2006, HRCF’s All Children, All Families program has worked to promote cultural competency among child welfare agencies by providing a framework to improve the inclusivity of LGBT families -- and has recently expanded to also focus on LGBT youth.

From its Benchmarks of LGBT Cultural Competency to its agency trainings, ACAF is an unparalleled resource for agencies that understand the importance of LGBT outreach.

“Originally it was meant to support and help those who are a part of the LGBT community that were looking to get into adopting or fostering children,” said Ellen Kahn, director of the HRC Foundation’s Family Project, told The Chronicle for Social Change.

In the fall of 2013, training was expanded to provide cultural competency around a host of challenges facing LGBT youth.

“Los Angeles County and Denver County and other large systems who deal with youth that are in out of home care,” Kahn said to The Chronicle.“Where they are in residential facilities and other places, would raise questions with us about accommodating and working with the LGBT foster youth community specifically.”

A disproportionate number of foster youth identify as LGBT. Many were rejected from their households because of whom they love or their gender identity and expression. All children deserve a warm and loving environment in which to grow. By increasing outreach to LGBT foster youth, ACAF is helping to increase the pool of prospective homes for those most in need.

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