This Thursday, HRC is co-sponsoring an event in Los Angeles focusing on the anti-Islam backlash following the Orlando tragedy, anti-LGBTQ prejudice, and how the two systems of oppression are intertwined.

Los Angeles Times reporter Jaweed Kaleem will moderate a discussion between Dr. Hamid Mavani, an Islamic scholar at the Islamic graduate school Bayan Claremont, and Ani Zonneveld from Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV) at the Los Angeles Press Club.

The panel, “Islamophobia and Homophobia after Orlando,” is part of the monthly series Ask A Muslim, organized by The Markaz and MPV. The panel, which is an opportunity for an honest discussion about being LGBTQ and Muslim, is co-sponsored by HRC Foundation’s Religion and Faith Program.

In June, HRC joined more than 60 organizations in a Muslim-LGBTQ Unity Statement and called for unity against all forms of fear, hate and violence. Last year, HRC Foundation’s a released Coming Home to Islam and to Self, a guide for LGBTQ Muslims who are on the journey toward living fully in their sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and in their faith and its traditions.

Following the tragic events in Orlando, more than 200 Muslim leaders, clerics and scholars overwhelmingly came out to condemn the attack on the LGBTQ community.  Ani Zonneveld, President of MPV and member of HRC’s Religion Council, penned a powerful op-ed in the Huffington Post, “Reality Check, What American Muslim Organizations Really Did for the LGBTQI Community,” urging Muslim leaders to stand “shoulder to shoulder” with LGBTQ Muslims and the LGBTQ community at large.

The panel discussion will review the realities faced by LGBTQI Muslims in the U.S. and abroad, and will discuss how mainstream Muslim organizations deal with anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. The panel will also discuss recent revelations pointing to the fact that there is an entire “Islamophobia industry” in the United States, funded to the tune of more than $200 million.

You can watch the event live or RSVP at

To learn more about MPV, click here.

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