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TomToday we celebrate the agency Adoption Options in Aurora, Colorado as part of our ongoing effort to recognize inclusive and fair-minded adoption agencies. The agency has met the ten benchmarks of LGBT cultural competency and was awarded the Seal of Recognition for its leadership in supporting and serving LGBT families. Adoption Options earned its leadership status in December and will be presented with the Seal of Recognition at the Adoption Exchange Association Conference in April.  

Through HRC's All Children- All Families program and the hard work of Adoption Options, real LGBT families are directly impacted for the better.

Tom, a parent who adopted through the agency, described his experience as “Without Adoption Options, I doubt we would ever have entered and successfully navigated the foster-adoption for both of our sons. The adoption process can be very trying but Adoption Options provided us with a true advocate who watched out for us through the entire process.”

JasonAnd Jason, another Adoption Options parent, shared his experience, “Adoption Options treated us with respect and dignity, and made every effort to match our determination to create our little family. Our son is in kindergarten now, and loves his two dads. Just like Adoption Options, he is so proud of our family.”

Adoption Options is a pioneer for fairness and equality in its entire state and these quotes show that when an agency fosters the values of inclusivity and integrity, the impact on LGBT families is felt significantly. The stories of Tom and Jason reflect the need for this work to continue and we would like to thank Adoption Options, the only agency in Colorado awarded the All Children – All Families Seal of Recognition, for providing all-encompassing services to LGBT prospective parents in Colorado.

Because of the leadership demonstrated at Adoption Options, ACAF is one state closer to achieving at least one leader in each of the 50 states. You know your community best – if you know of an adoption agency in your area who should be an All Children-All Families-recognized leader, please let us know.


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