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Today, HRC celebrates the tenth annual Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day.

Each year, families from across the nation share their photos, experiences, videos and stories using the hashtag #LGBTQFamilies on social media.

Join the conversation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube by posting about any topic related to LGBTQ families using the hashtag #LGBTQFamilies

As part of the LGBTQ Families Day, HRC is proud to celebrate and support all kinds of families. As the number of LGBT-headed families continues to grow, so does our need to secure legal equality, fairness and respect for LGBT parents and to provide environments where all children are welcome, supported and loved. Check out some of HRC Foundation’s resources that address the many potential paths to parenthood as well as tools for issues facing LGBT-headed families or LGBT youth.

As part of, Dr. Dana Rudolph started Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day 10 years ago.

Read more about LGBTQ Families Day by going to or by following the hashtag #LGBTQFamilies.

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