ACAFOn Thursday, September 10, HRC Foundation recognized Jewish Family and Children’s Service of Greater Philadelphia for their ongoing dedication towards LGBTQ-inclusive practices with the All Children – All Families Seal of Recognition. The honor is awarded to stand-out agencies for exemplary commitment to compassionate and competent care of LGBTQ youth and families in the child welfare system.  JFCS is the first Jewish agency to achieve this honor.

Chris Labonte, co-chair of HRC’s Board of Directors, presented the award to JFCS senior leadership on behalf of HRC Foundation.

“Your commitment to LGBTQ-inclusion extends far beyond your work in foster care and adoption,” said Labonte in his address to the agency staff. “From your support programs for LGBTQ community members, to the training and education that you provide to other institutions serving youth and families – you have truly earned this distinction.”

According to JFCS President and CEO Paula Goldstein, the seal is representative of the agency’s overarching vision for their work. The staff continually strives to merge “expertise with compassion and cultural competency to achieve the goal of creating loving, affirming and supportive families for the LGBTQ youth and families we serve,” Goldstein said.

The HRC Foundation’s All Children – All Families initiative provides a comprehensive framework, from client non-discrimination policies to staff training, that assists agencies in establishing policies and practices that welcome, support, and affirm LGBTQ youth and families. “We are thrilled to welcome JFCS into the community of organizations that are truly committed to providing the best care possible to LGBTQ youth and creating more loving families,” said Ellen Kahn, director of the HRC Foundation’s Children, Youth & Families Program.

JFCS has earned this distinction by meeting each of 10 benchmarks in LGBT-inclusion. According to its website, the agency has been furthering their mission “to strengthen families and individuals across generations and cultures to achieve stability, independence and community” since 1855. 

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