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Before making purchases, consumers are encouraged to check out the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s annual Buying for Workplace Equality to see if those dollars are going to a business committed to workplace equality. The guide is available in three formats: mobile application, searchable website database, or downloadable PDF.

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Buying for Workplace Equality

Each business/brand is assigned one of three colors based on its score in our report: green, yellow or red. The parent company is listed first in each entry, and is linked to its respective page on our online Corporate Equality Index. The parent company's brand-name products, if any, are listed underneath, and its corresponding CEI score is listed on the right. Examples of these entries are below.




Nike 100
Nordstrom 100
Hanover Direct 70
Dollar General 45
Ann Taylor 30


Each company is classified as follows:

Green (80-100): Businesses/brands that receive our highest workplace equality scores.
Yellow (46-79): Businesses/brands that have taken steps toward a fair-minded workplace and receive a moderate workplace equality score.
Red (0-45): Businesses/brands that have more work to do in furthering equality. If possible, make the choice to support a more fair-minded company.
italic (Non-responder): Businesses/brands that have not responded to the survey despite repeated attempts and have been provided with an unofficial score based on publicly available information that has been collected.
Human Rights Campaign National Corporate Partners The support of these businesses is directly tied to the Human Rights Campaign's success in ensuring equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. All HRC National Corporate Partners are required to maintain a CEI score of 85 or above.

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