Darnell Green

He/Him | Senior Manager of Workforce Development Programs

Darnell Green has 20+ years of experience in LGBTQ+ advocacy and social justice.

As Senior Manager of Workforce Development Programs, he co-facilitates the Next Level course and leads the HRC Foundation’s efforts in supporting course participants. Darnell began his public health and social justice career working with the vogue community through the Council of Houses Program at The Mazzoni Center, Philadelphia. He provided knowledge in the City of Philadelphia via the Hot Tracks hotline, an anonymous service designed to offer safer sex strategies as well as linkage and referral options for HIV/STI testing and counseling.

In 2010, Darnell joined The Los Angeles LGBT Center as a Program Manager and later joined the AMAAD Institute as the Youth Health and Wellness Manager. In his time at The AMAAD Institute, Darnell appreciated being able to transform the lives of youth through leadership development.