Cynthia Cheng-Wun Weaver

She/Her | Senior Director, Litigation

Cynthia Cheng-Wun Weaver (梁瀞云) is the Director for Human Rights Campaign’s Impact Litigation Program. As a former Senior Counsel at the NYC Law Department’s Impact Litigation Unit, she served as Counsel for the NYC Taskforce on Racial Inclusion & Equity and litigated challenges to federal regulatory and executive actions. Previously, as a Senior Staff Attorney at Manhattan Legal Services’ LGBTQ/HIV Law Unit, she engaged in trauma-informed lawyering, litigated a case of first impression against a federal housing agency, and advocated for clients across nuanced issue areas including supportive housing and rental vouchers, denial of gender-affirming medical care, and DV screening for HIV/AIDS Services Administration benefits applications. She also successfully negotiated practice changes to a government agency's language access procedures and served on the Advisory Committee on Language Access to the NYS Unified Court System.

Cynthia has as a B.A. in Philosophy and an Individualized Major (Representations and Sexuality in French and American Film and Literature) from Rutgers University, a M.Sc. in Human Rights and International Politics from the University of Glasgow where she completed a dissertation on the rights of asylum-seekers with disabilities in the U.K., and a J.D. from CUNY School of Law. She was a training participant at the Shriver Center on Poverty Law’s Racial Justice Institute and an Affirmative Leaders Fellow with the Public Rights Project. She is a former law clerk to the Honorable Christian F. Hummel in the Northern District of New York.