The HRC Story

Diversity and Inclusion Internship

The mission of the Diversity Department is to foster an environment where diversity is explicitly recognized as a fundamental part of our organizational culture.  Through strategic initiatives, we work with other HRC staff and our volunteer corps to position HRC as one of the most successful organizations in the country at uniting LGBT people and straight allies with people of all races and backgrounds to improve the quality of our lives. These strategic initiatives include incorporating diversity & inclusion throughout our work as organization; expanding HRC’s community of support through issue vehicles; organizing HRC’s Equality Leaders for the 21st Century program; creating opportunities for learning around issues of diversity and inclusion; and grassroots organizing and coalition-building with our steering committees and allies.  The Diversity Intern reports to the Diversity Program Manager, who reports directly to the Vice President of Human Resources & Leadership Development. They will will focus on projects that require significant research, tracking, assembling, multi-tasking, mailings and correspondence.


  • Preparation for Equality Leaders for the 21st Century program, a personal leadership development program for HRC's volunteers and Board members
  • Supporting partnership with the Latino/a community through Ya es Hora civic engagement campaign with our volunteer corps of steering committees who work in a coalition of national and local organizations on campaigns that engage the Latino/a community to become full participants of U.S. democracy
  • Preparation for July Board Meeting
  • Setting up and implementing infrastructure in preparation for HRC’s participation in Transgender Day of Remembrance (November) and MLK Day of Service for LGBT homeless youth (January)
  • Supporting HRC steering committees in achieving their local diversity and inclusion goals
  • Providing other support as needed


  • Great attention to detail
  • A mature sensitivity to working with people of diverse identities and backgrounds
  • Skills for timely multi-tasking
  • Professional writing and communication skills
  • Basic proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Ability to lift packages weighing 20 lbs. or more for shipping materials to community events
  • Basic proficiency in Microsoft Outlook and PowerPoint a plus
  • Proficiency in Spanish a plus


  • Experience with the logistics of organizing programs and grassroots campaigns
  • An understanding of the importance of multiracial and intersectional coalition-building
  • An understanding of the importance and challenges of increasing the participation of people of color, women, transgender people, and youth in support of LGBT rights and in our local leadership
  • Demonstrated administrative skills that are applicable to entry-level employment


  • This is an unpaid internship. Credit is available upon request
  • All internships are based out of our offices in Washington, D.C. We cannot provide housing for our interns
  • Resume and cover letter must be in Microsoft Word (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format
  • Please refer questions to our website
  • For any other questions, email
  • No phone calls, please