External Business Engagement with the LGBT Community

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The HRC Foundation looks for employers who have demonstrated their commitment to LGBT equality through engaging with and supporting the broader LGBT community, external to its own employees. When a business engages the LGBT community, it effectively "comes out" and displays a public commitment to LGBT issues. But it also sends a message to LGBT employees and candidates that their gender identity and sexual orientation are not just accepted by that organization, but valued.

Such efforts include positive, targeted recruiting, supplier diversity programs, marketing and advertising, philanthropic activities and support for LGBT equality under the law.

Corporate Equality Index

The Corporate Equality Index has asked employers about external engagement (encompassing marketing, advertising and philanthropy) since 2002. Seventy-nine percent of 2015 CEI-rated businesses report implementing at least three efforts of public engagement with the LGBT community, namely through marketing, advertising and recruitment efforts, philanthropic contributions to LGBT organizations, LGBT diverse supplier initiatives and public policy weigh-in.