Equality Leaders for the 21st Century: Women’s Learning Retreat

The Human Rights Campaign believes that women are key to our success as a civil rights organization and the LGBTQ movement’s ability to win equality for all. We also believe that we can and must reflect the diverse communities in which we live and work. That’s why HRC is excited to offer the Women & Leadership: Equality Leaders for the 21st Century.

The next Women & Leadership retreat is February 11-14, 2016 at HRC in Washington, D.C.

HRC Governors: To put forward prospective candidates from your steering committees before inviting them to apply, please complete this form by October 18. Staff will then contact you with additional feedback if any.

Learn more about the application process here.

The purpose of the program is to

  • Develop HRC leaders committed to enhance/strengthen their own personal leadership skills
  • Cultivate talented, high performers to take on positions of increased leadership responsibility with HRC
  • Provide support to courageous leaders for social change, who will play a critical role at HRC in breaking through the many barriers to securing equality for everyone, everywhere

The core of the program consists of an intensive four-day transformational leadership learning retreat in Washington, D.C.

As a participant, you will:

  • Strengthen your ability to stand in your vision (individually and collectively as a part of a team) as a passionate, genuine leader
  • Increase your capacity to influence people through more effective communication and to give and to receive powerful feedback
  • To be able to lead resourcefully, increase your awareness of women's unique approach to leadership and understand the impact of gender bias through the intersections of sexuality, power, race, ethnicity, gender identity & expression, and class
  • Develop a higher skill set regarding cultural competence, cross-cultural communication, and breaking through the internalized voice of oppression that inhibits your leadership as a woman
  • Leave feeling renewed, and ready to serve as impactful leader for HRC.