Equal Benefits Ordinance: State of California

Passed in 2003
Effective 2007

Applies to:

  • All state contracts over $100,000; and
  • Only the businesses’ operations with the state of California. However, if the actual work related to the state contract is being performed in another state, the law applies; also applies to state-owned property outside of the state.

Exceptions & Waivers

Waivers may be granted when:

  • Only one prospective contractor is willing to enter into a specific contract with the state agency.
  • The contract is necessary to respond to an emergency.
  • The contractor is providing wholesale or bulk water, power or natural gas.


  • Contractors must certify that they are in compliance.
  • Department or other contracting agency is the enforcer of the law.
  • If contractor falsely certifies compliance, the state may void the contract, file a civil action, or charge the contractor with a felony.


CAL. PUB. CONT. CODE, Ch. 752 §10295.3