Equal Benefits Ordinance: Oakland, Calif.

Passed in 2001
Effective on  July 1, 2002

Applies to:

  • City contracts exceeding $25,000.
  • Businesses’ operations with the city. However, if the actual work related to the city contract is being performed in another state, the law applies. Also applies to city-owned real property outside of the city if work related to the contract is being performed there.

Exceptions & Waivers

City manager can waive compliance if:

  • Contract is responding to an emergency.
  • The contractor is a sole-source provider.
  • When there are no qualified responsive bidders.
  • Contact is pursuant to bulk purchasing arrangements.
  • Contractor is a public entity.
  • There are no compliant contractors capable of providing goods or services.
  • The ordinance requirements are inconsistent with a grant or agreement with a public agency.
  • It is a specialized litigation contract.

The ordinance does not apply:

  • If the contract is for certain investments of trust or city monies.


  • An employee who alleges violation of any provision of the law may report such act to the city.
  • Once a report is made, the city manager investigates. If the manager finds that the law has been violated he or she can: suspend and/or terminate the contract; prohibit the contractor from future bidding until all penalties and restitution have been paid in full; require contractor to repay any or all of the contract amount; impose a fine; require the payment of liquidated damages; require the payment of reasonable attorney fees.
  • An aggrieved employee can also bring an action in Superior Court.


Oakland Municipal Code, §2.32.010


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