Equal Benefits Ordinance: Minneapolis, Minn.

Passed in 2002
Effective 2004

Applies to:

  • Contracts with city exceeding $100,000; and
  • Businesses’ operations with the city. However, if the actual work related to the city contract is being performed in another state, the law applies. Also applies to city-owned property outside of the city.

Exceptions & Waivers

The ordinance does not apply to:

  • Religious or denominational educational institutions and organizations;
  • Public entities; and
  • Contractors that would violate a grant or agreement with a public agency if they complied with the ordinance.


The Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights enforces the Equal Benefits Ordinance.


Minneapolis Code of Ordinances§18.200

Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights
City Hall, Room 239
350 South Fifth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55415-1371
Phone: (612) 673-3012