What is Campus Activism?

In its broadest interpretation, activism involves participating in and contributing to the social and political world around you.

Progressive activism endeavors to cultivate a more open, critical and accepting society with laws that reflect that ideology. LGBT activists seek to transform an oppressive environment into one in which people of all identities and backgrounds can live safely and openly. Limitless in scope and degree, activism can entail anything from holding discussions on LGBT issues to organizing protests in front of the Supreme Court.

Students have demonstrated time and again that activism has a place on campus. Young activists are at the forefront of grassroots efforts to create change on their campuses, in their communities and beyond. As LGBT students continue to face discrimination and harassment and homosexuality is still outright banned on some campuses, the time to take action is now.

Whoever said activism isn’t social?

Many college LGBT groups want to serve as both a social and political organization, but struggle with the process of making the group more active. A common myth is that activism is all business and no play.

There is a range of ways to establish and maintain a group which will have a transformative presence on your college campus without neglecting the social stuff! Many students involved in activism said they have met their closest friends through their activist circles and often even put on “parties for a cause” or social activities with an activist agenda.