Summer of Conversations Toolkit

We are so glad you are joining us for a Summer of Conversations. The intent of the Summer of Conversations is to empower people in your community to feel more comfortable telling their story, more open to listening, and to know how to create a welcoming space for someone to tell their story.

This website has been designed to provide you with all the tools you may need for a successful event at your home. Please browse through the below publications and resources prior to planning your event.


Conversation Guide

If you don’t know where to start, this handy guide includes examples of questions you can use to start and guide your conversation.


Coming Out Guides

These guides are designed to help individuals with the coming out process, as an individual and in relation to your friends, family, and colleagues. If your guests are not fully out, or are recently out, these guides will provide support as they begin to live their lives more openly.


Empowering Straight Allies

These resources are intended to be a welcoming guide for supporters to build bridges of understanding when someone they know comes out to them as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The guide answers initial questions and shares facts, strategies, and ways to show support of LGBT equality.


Issues of Religion and Faith

There’s no doubt that religion plays a large role in society. These guides were created to provide you with suggestions and resources about coming out and living openly in places of worship.


Action Items for Your Event

HRC encourages you to add a visibility or advocacy element to your event.  Encourage your guests to take one or more of the following actions.

  • If it feels safe to you, pledge to come out to a new person in your life.
  • Take a photo of you and/or people at your event with “I am a supporter of Equality” sign. Download an 8.5x11" or 11x17" sign by clicking one of the images below. Hard copies will be included in print materials. If your guests feel safe doing so, ask them to upload to a picture of themselves with their sign to Social Media. Be sure to tag #equality.

8.5x11"                     11x17"


Event Planning Guide

As your event date approaches, read our week-by-week suggestions to help you pull off a successful event.


Fulfillment of Hard-Copy Requests

HRC has created a kit of materials that is available for your event.  You can select to receive materials via mail, or simply download any of our resources from this website.  Kits include publications, HRC bumper stickers, a DVD featuring a welcome by HRC President Chad Griffin, as well as supporter signs and pledge cards, so that guests may add themselves to HRC’s list.


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If you have any questions, please email Brock Grecco at