All Children - All Families: Agency External Communications

LGBT prospective parents are likely to conduct initial research to learn whether an organization might welcome them as adoptive or foster parents. To communicate an LGBT inclusive environment, all visual and written materials representing the agency’s work should reflect and specifically address LGBT-headed families. External documents must explicitly reflect the agency’s commitment to working with LGBT individuals and families.

These materials and documents include:

  • Family photos on websites include LGBT family photos
  • Non discrimination policy is inclusive and posted on agency website
  • All printed/web content reflects inclusive language
  • Collaboration with LGBT leaders and/or organization as recruitment partners
  • Includes LGBT adoptive families as recruitment partners

Sample Outreach Materials:

  • The Home for Little Wanderers, "Success Stories"
    Features a story on the main page of the website about a single gay father and his adopted 10-year-old son.
  • Independent Adoption Center, "Gay and Lesbian Families"
    Includes a welcome page for LGBT parents, with links to letters from LGBT adoptive parents.
  • The National Adoption Center, "The Facts about LGBT Adoption"
    Includes information about the center’s welcoming approach and new initiatives to connect LGBT prospective parents with welcoming agencies in the Delaware Valley.
  • The National Adoption Center, "A Guide to LGBT Adoption" [PDF]
    Incudes information on the National Adoption Center's initiative for the LGBT community and answers to frequently asked questions related to LGBT adoption.