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Whether you are buying a cup of coffee or renovating your home, by supporting businesses that support workplace equality you send a powerful message that LGBT inclusion is good for the bottom line.

Corporate Equality Index
2013 CEI Criteria - Equivalent Spousal and Partner Benefits
2013 CEI Criteria - Health Insurance for Transgender Employees and Dependents
Adoption Benefit Programs: LGBT Considerations for Employers
Adoption Financial Assistance
Advocating for LGBT Equality in Your Workplace
Advocating for LGBT Workplace Equality as a Consumer
Advocating for LGBT Workplace Equality as a Consumer: Sample Letter to Businesses
An Important Step toward Workplace Equality: An Executive Order on Federal Contractors
Are transgender-inclusive health insurance benefits expensive?
Best Places to Work 2013
Business Case: Corporate Reputation and Marketing Opportunities
Business Case: Legal Vulnerability
Business Case: Recruitment and Retention
Business Coalition for Benefits Tax Equity, Members
Business Coalition for Workplace Fairness, Members
Business Imperative of Transgender Inclusiveness
Cities and Counties with Non-Discrimination Ordinances that Include Gender Identity
Collecting Transgender-Inclusive Gender Data in Workplace and Other Surveys
Coming Out at Work
Coming Out in the Workplace as Transgender
Connect with the HRC Workplace Project
Corporate Equality Index Archive
Corporate Equality Index Criteria
Corporate Equality Index FAQ
Corporate Equality Index: 2009 Statements from Employers that Rated 100 Percent
Corporate Equality Index: About the Survey
Corporate Equality Index: Does it Give Credit for Therapy
Corporate Equality Index: List of Businesses with Transgender-Inclusive Health Insurance Benefits
Corporate Equality Index: Rating Criteria 1.0 (2002-2005)
Corporate Equality Index: Rating Criteria 2.0 (2006 - 2010)
Corporate Equality Index: What Businesses are Rated and How to Participate
Corporate Equality Index: What Happened to the 2007 Report?
Corporate Equality Index: Why the Criteria Change
Debunking the Myths: Transgender Health and Well-Being
Degrees of Equality
Degrees of Equality: Self-Disclosing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Discrimination Against Transgender Workers
Diversity Training on Gender Identity and Gender Expression
Diversity Training on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Issues
Domestic Partner Benefit Eligibility: Defining Domestic Partners and Dependents
Domestic Partner Benefits: Cost and Utilization
Domestic Partner Benefits: Grossing Up to Offset Imputed Income Tax
Domestic Partner Benefits: Hardship Withdrawal Option for Retirement Plans
Domestic Partner Benefits: Nonspouse Rollover Provision for Retirement Plans
Domestic Partner Benefits: Pension Survivor Annuities
Domestic Partner Benefits: Related Laws and Regulations
Employee Groups
Employment Non-Discrimination Act: Legislative Timeline
Employment Non-Discrimination Act: Stories of Discrimination
Employment Policies: Adding Gender Identity as a Protected Category
Ending Stigma & Achieving Full Inclusion: HRC’s Task Force to Address Insurance Industry Practices
Equal Benefits Ordinances
Equal Opportunity Ordinances
Equality Magazine
Establishing an Employee Resource Group
Establishing Domestic Partner Benefits
Expanding your Employee Resource Group
External Business Engagement with the LGBT Community
Family and Medical Leave Act - FAQ for Employees
Family and Medical Leave Act: FMLA-Equivalent Benefit for LGBT Workers
Federal Laws Impacting Domestic Partner Benefits
Finding Insurance for Transgender-Related Healthcare
Frequently Asked Questions about Domestic Partner Benefits
GenEQ Guide to Entering the Workforce
Health Insurance Discrimination for Transgender People
HIV/AIDS and Employment Discrimination
How are transgender-inclusive benefits included in the Corporate Equality Index?
How can I find an employer’s non-discrimination policy?
International Laws Protecting Transgender Workers
International LGBT Workplace Considerations
Is Gender Identity or Expression preferred over Gender Identity in employment policies?
Join the Business Coalition for Benefits Tax Equity
LGBT Employee Retention: Professional Development Programs
LGBT Equality at the Fortune 500
LGBT Marketing and Advertising
LGBT Marketing and Advertising: Best Practices
LGBT Philanthropic Support
LGBT Professional and Student Associations
LGBT Professional Recruitment Events
LGBT Recruitment
LGBT Supplier Diversity Programs
Managing Employee Gender Transition in the Workplace
Pension Plans

Pension Plans


Personnel Documentation for Transgender Employees
Publications on Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace
Questions to Ask Before Enrolling In Domestic Partner Benefits
Resources for Transgender Employees
Responding to Negative Reactions to LGBT Inclusion
Responding to Objections to Formally Amending Equal Opportunity Policies
Restroom Access for Transgender Employees
Sample Equal Employment Opportunity Policies
San Francisco Transgender Benefit
San Francisco Transgender Benefit: Actual Cost & Utilization (2001-2006)
San Francisco Transgender Benefit: Estimating Cost and Utilization for the “Worst Case” (1997-2001)
San Francisco Transgender Benefit: Total Claims Experience and Plan Evolution, By Year (2001-2006)
Search our Employer Database
Self-Identification of LGBT Employees
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Terminology and Definitions
Small Business Basics
Spousal Benefits: Recognizing Same-Sex Spouses for Benefits Programs
Standards for Credit on the MEI
Supplier Standards: Discrimination Policies
Taxation of Domestic Partner Benefits
Taxation of Partner Benefits: Determining and Tracking Dependent Status
The Equality Principles
The Williams Institute & Center for American Progress: Unequal Taxes on Equal Benefits
Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace, 2nd Edition
Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace: Introduction and Business Case
Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace: Recommended Policies and Practices
Transgender Medical Treatment: Medically Necessary and Not Cosmetic
Transgender-Inclusive Benefits for Employees and Dependents
Transgender-Inclusive Benefits: Are My Employer’s Benefits Inclusive?
Transgender-Inclusive Benefits: Colleges & Universities
Transgender-Inclusive Benefits: Communicating Availability of the Benefit
Transgender-Inclusive Benefits: Medical Treatment Cost and Utilization
Transgender-Inclusive Benefits: Questions Employers Should Ask
Transgender-Inclusive Benefits: Taxability of Related Medical Expenses
Transgender-Inclusive Benefits: What are Clinical Guidelines?
Transition in the Workplace
U.S. Federal Government Employment Policies
Update the Employer Database
What is Being a Good Corporate Citizen?
Workplace Discrimination: Policies, Laws and Legislation
Workplace Dress Codes and Transgender Employees
Workplace Gender Transition Guidelines
World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)