All God’s Children Participants

Alyce Clarke; All God's ChildrenAlyce Clarke

Alyce Clarke is a lifelong resident of Mississippi and is the first African-American woman to serve in its state legislature. Born in Yazoo City, she's served her community for more than 25 years as a lawmaker. Alyce attends a Baptist church, and she loves and supports her gay son, in part, because of her faith. She simply wants all people—including LGBTQ people—to be treated equally.

Mary Jane Kennedy; All God's ChildrenMary Jane Kennedy

Mary Jane Kennedy is a Southern Baptist mother and has taught Bible study and Sunday school at her church. A stay-at-home mother who's lived in Mississippi for most of her life, through deep personal prayer and reflection she believes that her faith compels her to love her fellow man and value the worth of all human beings.

Jeremy and Kathryn Cole; All God's Children; Straight alliesJeremy and Kathryn Cole

Jeremy and Kathryn Cole are proud residents of the Magnolia State. The Coles were both born and raised in Mississippi, and they want their two kids to live their lives here. They want their children to understand that all God's people should be treated with dignity and respect, and they firmly believe in the Golden Rule.

Blossom Brown; All God's ChildrenBlossom Brown

Blossom Brown is a transgender woman from Greenwood and grew up in Jackson. Currently a student at the Mississippi University for Women, she is now pursuing a degree in Public Health Education. Blossom loves Mississippi and wants all LGBTQ Mississippians to achieve full equality.

Reverend Stan Wilson; All God's ChildrenReverend Stan Wilson

Reverend Stan Wilson is a pastor at Northside Baptist Church. For his congregation, all LGBTQ people are welcomed into his church. Pastor Wilson knows that his faith encourages him to speak up for the dignity of all people and that no one should deny LGBTQ people a place at God's table.

Sergeant Justin Kelly; All God's ChildrenSergeant Justin Kelly

Sergeant Justin Kelly is an openly gay Iraq War veteran from Mississippi's Delta region. Born in Greenville, Justin is a fourth-generation Army soldier and a medic in the U.S. Army Reserves, and he believes that true freedom means freedom for everyone, including LGBTQ Mississippians.

Triana Davis and Jametria Hunter; All God's ChildrenTriana Davis and Jametria Hunter

Triana Davis and Jametria Hunter have been together for seven years. Triana is a teacher and Jametria works in social services. They are raising a son together and want equal protections to earn a living to provide for their son. They work hard and pay into the same system as other Mississippians, but enjoy no legal protections under the law.

Chris Wilbourn; All God's ChildrenChris Wilbourn

Chris Wilbourn is a volunteer firefighter. Raised in North Mississippi, Chris never pauses to react when he sees a fellow Mississippian in need. He understands the importance of helping others in a time of crisis. As a gay man, Chris believes everyone should be able to earn a living with dignity.

Joce Pritchett; Carla Webb; All God's ChildrenJoce Pritchett

Joce Pritchett is a civil engineer in Jackson. She and her wife Carla Webb have been together for 10 years and are raising two children. Because Mississippi only considers the birth mother the legal parent, Pritchett and Webb don't have joint legal recognition for their family. However, as gay Mississippians, they are raising their children to follow the Golden Rule.

Ray Mays; All God's ChildrenRay Mays

Ray Mays is an elementary school teacher in rural Mississippi. A native of the Magnolia state, Ray has participated in various volunteer opportunities and held many community leadership roles. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy from the University of Mississippi.