All Children - All Families: Participation on Behalf of Agency Division

The first step to participating in All Children – All Families is completing the Agency Self-Assessment. Once an agency submits its completed assessment, it is added to the All Children – All Families database of participating agencies.

The All Children – All Families Agency Self-Assessment is designed to conduct a comprehensive assessment of an agency’s practice with LGBTQ youth in out-of-home care and LGBTQ resource families.

We strongly encourage agencies that serve both youth and families to take this comprehensive approach in assessing their agency’s full scope of practice with both youth and families. However, for some agencies (mostly larger, public agencies) we recognize that it may be necessary to participate on behalf of a specific division within an agency (e.g., Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services).

If your agency wishes to participate on behalf of a specific division, this can be indicated in the "feedback, notes or additional information for HRC" field at the bottom of the "General Agency Information" section of your assessment.

Two important notes about participating on behalf of a specific agency division:

  1. Your agency’s listing on the database of participants will make it clear that only the specific division is participating in All Children – All Families.
  2. Once your agency has achieved each of the All Children – All Families benchmarks and is designated as a "Leader in Supporting and Serving LGBTQ Youth and Families," this designation will be awarded only to the division, and your agency’s outreach and recruitment efforts that focus on this designation must be clear that it is specific to the agency division.