All Children - All Families: How to Participate

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Interested in participating in All Children - All Families? Get started today!

Child welfare agencies that recruit, license, support and place with adoption/foster families and/or provide direct services to youth in out-of-home care are eligible to participate in All Children - All Families.

The steps to participating in All Children – All Families are outlined below. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here. You can also download an overview of All Children - All Families here. Feel free to contact ACAF staff members at with any questions!

  • Request Your Agency Self-Assessment
    Your agency will be provided with a unique username and password for the All Children - All Families online Agency Self-Assessment.
  • Answer Agency Self-Assessment Questions and Submit
    Your agency does not need to achieve all benchmarks before submitting the assessment!
  • Agency Staff Completes Baseline Staff Assessment
    Agency staff will be asked to complete the Baseline Staff Assessment. This is an opportunity for your agency to measure staff's LGBTQ-related practice experience, knowledge, and skills. Survey results are also used to guide technical assistance and your agency's training needs assessment.
  • Receive Free Technical Assistance from ACAF Staff Members
    After your agency submits the Agency Self-Assessment and the Baseline Staff Assessment, it will be added to the list of participating agencies and you will receive free, individualized technical assistance from ACAF staff members. This consultation will involve an in-depth review of your self-assessment and cover which of the ten Benchmarks of LGBTQ Cultural Competency your agency has met, and which may still need more work before they are fully in place.
  • Make Improvements in Policies & Practice
    Utilizing All Children - All Families resources and working with ACAF staff members, your agency will be supported in implementing the improvements necessary to achieve each of the ten benchmarks.
  • Be A Recognized Leader
    When your agency achieves the ten benchmarks, it will earn the status of "Leader in Supporting and Serving LGBTQ Youth and/or Families" and be awarded the All Children - All Families Seal of Recognition.
  • Renew Your Agency's Leader Status Every Two Years
    Recognizing that maintaining an agency's LGBTQ cultural competency requires an ongoing commitment, every two years ACAF Leaders are asked to confirm that the ten benchmarks are still in place and complete a short Leader Renewal Survey.