All Children - All Families: Agency Self-Assessment

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In order to be listed as an All Children - All Families participant, agencies must complete the ACAF Agency Self-Assessment. Request your agency's username and password for the online assessment.

The Agency Self-Assessment allows your organization to understand and document its level of cultural competence in welcoming LGBTQ youth and families in its current policies and practice.

Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a report outlining how many of the ten Benchmarks of LGBTQ Cultural Competency your agency has met.

Your agency does not need to meet each benchmark before you can submit your self-assessment. An ACAF staff member will review the self-assessment and provide your agency with free technical assistance - including a plan for your agency to improve its practice and meet each of the ten benchmarks.

When your agency has achieved the ten benchmarks, it will be designated a "Leader" and awarded the All Children - All Families Seal of Recognition.

Completing the Assessment

The Agency Self-Assessment is completed online, allowing agencies to complete it at their own pace. Agencies are given a unique username and password for completing the online self-assessment.

  • Request Your Agency's Username and Password
  • If you already submitted your request and need your agency’s assessment log-in information sent again, e-mail
  • If you have your agency's login information, you can login to the assessment here.
  • The Agency Self-Assessment should be completed by agency leadership; multiple people can work towards completing the assessment at the same time.
  • Throughout the Agency Self-Assessment, you will find "help text" and other helpful resources to assist your agency with completing the assessment.
  • All Children - All Families also requires a Baseline Staff Assessment designed for staff to complete, click here to learn more.

Assessment Overview

The online assessment includes questions pertaining to the ten Benchmarks of LGBTQ Cultural Competency listed below and serves as an educational tool, providing links to All Children - All Families resources. It is not expected that your agency meet each of the ten benchmarks prior to submitting your self-assessment. The assessment is meant to be a "snap shot" of your current policies and practices. ACAF staff members will provide guidance on next steps when working to meet each of the benchmarks.

  1. Client Non-Discrimination
  2. Employment Non-Discrimination
  3. Organizational Partnerships and Non-Discrimination
  4. Agency Forms
  5. Staff Training
  6. Staff Advocates
  7. Client-Based Feedback & Community Expertise
  8. Agency Environment & External Communications
  9. Training and Support for Resource Families
  10. Client Services & Referrals
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