All Children - All Families: Agency Self-Assessment

All Children - All Families participants are given access to an online Agency Self-Assessment tool that guides their review of the project’s key policy and practice benchmarks.

Accessing the Online Assessment
The assessment is housed in Qualtrics, an online surveying tool. In May of each annual cycle, each participating agency will receive its own unique link. This link will need to be shared among the agency’s staff team members who are collaborating to complete the assessment.

Overview of Online Assessment
The assessment is organized into sections focused on each policy and practice area within the Benchmarks of LGBTQ Inclusion:

  1. Non-Discrimination
  2. Staff Training
  3. Rolling Out the Welcome Mat
  4. Parent Best Practices
  5. Youth Best Practices
  6. Sustainability & Capacity Building
  7. Innovation & Leadership

Resources & Support for Completing Online Assessment
Throughout the assessment, additional information and links to ACAF resources are provided to assist those completing the questions and working on the related policy/practice updates. All participating agencies are highly encouraged to 1) take a team-based approach to completing the assessment, and 2) ensure that at least one staff person working on the assessment attends an "All Children - All Families Participation: Keys To Success" webinar.

Assessment Deadline
Participating agencies receive access to the assessment in May. It is recommended that agencies do their first thorough review of the assessment before attending group TA sessions which begin in August. The final assessment deadline is in February each year. From the time of assessment submission until the end of March, ACAF staff members will review assessments, and provide agencies an opportunity to offer any necessary clarification.