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The People's Brief

The People’s Brief

The People’s Brief allows any American who has read and agrees with the brief to sign on and to show support for marriage equality directly to the Supreme Court.

Beyond Marriage Equality

Beyond Marriage Equality

HRC will endorse and fight for a federal LGBT non-discrimination bill in 2015.

State Equality Index

State Equality Index

A comprehensive review of statewide laws and policies that affect LGBT people and their families.

marriage equality not a threat to religious liberty

HRC/Third Way Poll

Americans agree: marriage equality does not pose threat to religious liberty.

DOMA Defense of Marriage Act

DOMA: Get the Facts

Learn specifics on how the DOMA ruling affects legally married gay couples.

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SCOTUS Press Room

Find maps, polling and other state-by-state resources on marriage at the Supreme Court.

Corporate Equality Index

Corporate Equality Index

Find out how businessses fare in our annual Corporate Equality Index.

Municipal Equality Index

Municipal Equality Index

Read more on our rating system of LGBT inclusion in municipal law.

Marriage equality, LGBT, Same-sex marriage

Marriage Equality Polling

Countless nationwide polls show that a majority of Americans support marriage equality.

Healthcare Equality Index

Healthcare Equality Index

Find out how hospitals and other medical facilities rank in our Healthcare Equality Index.

LGBT equality

Competency Guide for Emergency Responders

HRC's guide to developing LGBT inclusive disaster relief services.

HRC wristbands

HRC Summer 2011 Poll

The majority of Americans support marriage equality. Get the facts. 

Executive Order

Non-Discrimination Executive Order Poll

Americans want the President to act to ensure fair workplaces

Religion, LGBT equality

Religion Poll 2011

Americans across faiths support LGBT equality. Get the facts.