Press Room

February 02, 2005

Category: HIV & AIDS

HRC Responds to State of the Union

Statement of Steven Fisher, Communications Director

Once again, President Bush contradicts himself.

President Bush said that government should never undermine family values and family responsibilities but, in the very next breath, called for passage of a constitutional amendment that undermines GLBT families and denies them the same responsibilities of all others.

President Bush, in his first State of the Union of his second term, chose the divisive path of supporting the narrow interests of extremist elements of his party over uniting the American people.

Sadly, once again he valued the extremism of a few over the greater good of protecting all Americans, including GLBT families whose well-being are jeopardized by this proposal.

President Bush spoke about reforming our retirement, tax and immigration systems. True reform means finally bringing equity to all Americans affected by those important rights and protections.

President Bush called for reauthorization of the Ryan White CARE Act and called for better prevention for everyone affected by HIV. We are pleased President Bush recognized the urgent need to fight this epidemic as strongly as possible.

We hope he's mindful that better prevention means giving everyone at risk the unvarnished truth about protecting themselves from HIV. Just as important, we must ensure that everyone living with HIV has the care they need to stay healthy.

If a sliver of hope could be gleaned from his words tonight, they were in his stated commitment to helping those with HIV/AIDS and we will work with him to make the fight against this disease as strong as possible. We hope his actions match his words.