Press Room

February 23, 2005


HRC Asks Pope to Promote Dignity

Statement of Winnie Stachelberg, Vice President of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation

Our hearts go out to the pope as he recovers from his recent illness, and we join with all those worldwide who are concerned about his health. We cannot, however, fail to address continued comments that call into question the innate value and human dignity of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Love and commitment are not an ideology, nor are they evil. We wish the pope had chosen to promote dignity and equality for all human beings. We are hopeful that all religious leaders would work to bring people together, not tear them apart.

Our journey for civil rights is about equality and the safety of our families and not about forcing a religion to sanction same-sex marriages.

It is crucial that equal rights and responsibilities are provided to every family under the law.