Press Room

February 03, 2005


HRC Announces the Appointment of Winnie Stachelberg as Vice President of the HRC Foundation

WASHINGTON - The board co-chairs of the Human Rights Campaign and the HRC Foundation announced today the promotion of Winnie Stachelberg to serve in the organization's newly created position of vice president of its foundation. Stachelberg previously served as political director of HRC. The appointment is effective immediately.

Stachelberg was selected to lead the expansion by bringing her experience, leadership and vision to the foundation's activities and to move public opinion toward gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality.

"We know that to maximize our effectiveness in the political arena, we must change hearts and minds in America," said Hilary Rosen. "To pave the way for victories in Congress, statehouses and the ballot box, we must also win at the water coolers, kitchen tables and places of worship across the country. Choosing Winnie to expand HRC's work in this way illustrates a real commitment to working beyond the Beltway. She is uniquely qualified to bring our public education and outreach efforts to a new level."

"This is an enormous challenge and a tremendous opportunity," said Stachelberg. "After years of leading HRC's political efforts, I want to now focus my efforts on enriching the public dialogue and debate on these issues. I'm honored both boards have the confidence in me to lead this important work."

One of Stachelberg's primary tasks is to launch a Religion Project to research and develop the language and messages to more effectively discuss GLBT issues with people of faith. The project will build and strengthen relationships with faith-based organizations and cultivate spokespeople create forums for dialogue with those who oppose GLBT equality on religious grounds and develop and implement strategies to challenge the extremism of the religious right. In addition, Stachelberg will establish a "Think Tank" to greatly expand the research capabilities and knowledge base on GLBT issues. She will also lead the foundation's ground-breaking work in corporate equality and family services, broaden the National Coming Out Project, develop programming for a straight allies project, and increase educational efforts around GLBT health issues and HIV and AIDS.

"Winnie will bring our foundation, and therefore the work of the entire organization, to a new level," said Vic Basile, co-chair of the foundation.
"While the foundation's efforts, particularly in the workplace and in family education, have been a valued, forward-thinking resource, there is much more opportunity for growth and expansion. We believe with Winnie's experience and vision, we can achieve those goals."

Added Lawrie Demorest, foundation board co-chair: "The public education and research component of our work needed a major investment and an experienced executive. With the combination of her political and leadership skills, Winnie is uniquely positioned to lead this important work and advance GLBT equality."