Press Room

January 06, 2005


HRC Announces Search Committee Members

WASHINGTON - Based on numerous inquiries from Human Rights Campaign members and the community at large about the makeup of the committee which will lead the search process for a new president and executive director of HRC, the committee co-chairs announced the individuals who will serve on that search.

"We want this process to be as transparent as possible, while preserving the integrity of the search," said Gwen Baba, the co-chair of the board of directors who is heading the search with Vic Basile, the co-chair of the foundation board. "We are pleased by the broad interest in the search and we decided to release the committee names. It is important to remember, however, that the final hiring decision rests solely with the full boards of the foundation and directors."

The foundation board, board of directors and board of governors, staff and business council members who have agreed to serve are:

ᄡGwen Baba, BOD co-chair, Los Angeles, CA
ᄡVic Basile, FD co-chair, Baltimore, MD
ᄡJoe Barrows, BOD, Denver, CO
ᄡBruce Bastian, BOD, Orem, UT
ᄡTerry Bean, FD, Portland, OR
ᄡMike Berman, BD co-chair, Washington, DC
ᄡKen Britt, BOD, Atlanta, GA
ᄡLawrie Demorest, FD co-chair, Atlanta, GA
ᄡAmy Errett, BOD, San Francisco, CA
ᄡAnne Fay, BOG co-chair, Dallas, TX
ᄡEmily Giske, BOD, New York, NY
ᄡEverett Hamilton, former BOD, Washington, DC
ᄡJulie Johnson, BOD, Dallas, TX
ᄡKevin Layton, general counsel, Washington, DC
ᄡMarty Lieberman, BOD, Seattle, WA
ᄡAndrew Linsky, BOD, Palm Springs, CA
ᄡDavid Medina, BOD, Washington, DC
ᄡCathy Nelson, development director, Washington, DC
ᄡVictoria Raymont, BOD, Chicago, IL
ᄡHenry Rosales, BOG co-chair, Denver, CO
ᄡDonna Rose, HRC business council, Round Rock, TX
ᄡHilary Rosen, FD, Washington, DC
ᄡWinnie Stachelberg, political director, Washington, DC
ᄡJohn Sullivan, BOD, Minneapolis, MN
ᄡTony Varona, BOD, Tuckahoe, NY
ᄡDavid Wilson, BOG, Boston, MA

"We wanted to ensure that the staff representation reflected a broad breath of the organization as well as its history," said Basile. "Cathy Nelson, our director of development, has been at HRC for 15 years. Kevin Layton, our general counsel, began as an intern and has been here for 17 years. Winnie Stachelberg, our political director, has worked at HRC for 10 years."

Both Baba and Basile asked that anyone interested in the search process or in proposing candidates use the e-mail address managed by Isaacson, Miller - the search firm assisting the committee. That address is