NOM Exposed is a campaign-style operation that tracks and challenges the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage as it tries to influence elections and legislative campaigns across the country.

Rogue's Gallery

Brian Brown

"The President"

  • NOM's president since 2011 and executive director for four years prior
  • Also president of ActRight, a mechanism for fundraising for conservative candidates
  • NOM has only won one state at the ballot box (NC) since Brown took NOM's reins

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John Eastman

"The Professor"

  • NOM's Chairman of the Board since 2011
  • Failed Republican candidate for attorney general of California

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Frank Schubert

"The Manager"

  • Campaign director for NOM's anti-equality ballot campaigns in CA, NC, MN, WA, MD, and ME (twice)
  • NOM's national political director
  • Campaign manager for an effort to strip transgender schoolchildren of safeguards and protections

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Christopher Plante

"The Floater"

  • Former head of NOM Rhode Island who has held several different positions since NOM's inception
  • Often listed as regional director, but other times credited as communications director

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Rev. William Owens

"The Liaison"

  • Head of the Coalition of African American Pastors, a NOM partner
  • Named as NOM's official religious liaison

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Maggie Gallagher

"The Mastermind "

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Robert George

"Mr. Brain Trust"

  • Chairman emeritus of NOM’s board
  • Co-author of federal anti-marriage equality amendments in 2001 and 2004
  • Called “Reigning Brain of the Christian Right”
  • Moderated a 2011 GOP presidential debate focused on social conservative matters
  • Sits on editorial board of Deseret News, a Mormon-run paper in Utah

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Thomas Peters

"The Blogger"

  • NOM's Communications Director (or one of them)
  • Announced by yet to launch NOM's long-gestating "NextGen for Marriage" project targeting youth
  • Known as "TheAmericanPapist" (and son of a prominent canon lawyer), Thomas is a prominent Catholic writer

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Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

"Dr. Joyful"

    Former senior staffer and surrogate for the National Org. For Marriage Education Fund (NOM's c3 arm)

  • Founded the Ruth Institute, which was part of NOM from 2009–2013
  • Motivational speaker who focuses on trying to make marriage “cool” (her oft repeated word)

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Damian Goddard

"The Spokes-'victim'"

  • Former sportscaster who lost a contract after publicly denouncing same-sex marriage
  • Spokesman for NOM's "Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance"
  • Featured in NOM's 2012 campaign ads against marriage equality
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Orson Scott Card

"Scribe Card"

  • Science fiction author and incendiary political writer (mostly for Mormon publications)
  • Represented the Mormon Church on NOM’s board from 2009–2013, replacing Matthew Holland in this role
  • Vowed, in print, to overthrow any government that supports marriage equality
  • Quietly resigned from NOM board in 2013, telling Entertainment Weekly the marriage issue is now "moot"

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Luis Tellez


  • NOM board member
  • President of the Witherspoon Institute
  • Opus Dei numerary
  • One of the chief funders of the discredited Regnerus study

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Matthew Holland

"The Freshman (who dropped out early)"

  • Former NOM board member, 2007–2009
  • Son of Jeffrey Holland, former Brigham Young University President; direct descendent of Mormon Church leaders
  • President of Utah Valley University
  • Sits on editorial board of Deseret News in Utah

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Jonathan Baker

"Director of NOM’s Corporate Fairness Project "

  • Launched in September 2011, The Corporate Fairness Project takes on corporations that publicly support marriage equality.
  • Launched campaigns supporting Chick-fil-A after the fast food chain's CEO said gay marriage is "inviting God's judgement"
  • Under Baker's stewardship, the project has taken aim at Bank of America, Cisco, General Mills, and, most notably...

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Chuck Stetson

"Mr. Education"

  • Founding board member of NOM
  • Chairman of the anti-gay National Marriage Week USA
  • Chairman and CEO of a group that promotes teaching the Bible in English literature courses
  • Contributed more than $100,000 to political candidates

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David & Tonia Parker

"Fox News Favorites"

  • Arrived out of nowhere shortly after marriage equality became a law in Massachusetts
  • Sued the Lexington public schools over a “diversity book bag;” the case was dismissed
  • David Parker became a national spokesman against equality

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Joseph “Robb” & Robin Wirthlin

"Circus Barkers"

  • Became the face for false school attacks in California and Maine
  • Showed up in Massachusetts shortly after marriage equality and stayed long enough to file suit. Never purchased a home
  • Joseph Wirthlin’s grandfather was a Mormon apostle

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Neil & Ann Corkery


  • Both closely tied to NOM
  • Political contributors to Republican social conservatives, including former PA Senator Rick Santorum

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Damon Owens

"Film Star"

  • Is a "supernumerary" in Opus Dei, attending weekly meetings
  • Has done two star turns: in NOM's "Gathering Storm" ad and in "Passionately Loving the World," part of an Opus Dei PR campaign, featuring people against gays
  • In his LinkedIn profile, Owens lists himself as New Jersey director for NOM

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Haas Family

"Family Affair"

  • The five siblings have all worked for the National Organization for Marriage in some capacity.

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