NOM Exposed is a campaign-style operation that tracks and challenges the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage as it tries to influence elections and legislative campaigns across the country.

Rev. William Owens

The Liaison

NOM and Rev. Owen's CAAP are as closely linked as two organizations can be.  In addition to financial partnerships and regular coordination of activities, NOM is even the listed registrant of CAAP's domain name.  Some have even suggested that CAAP is little more than a NOM "front group," meant to offset intense criticism of NOM's admitted racial wedge strategy.

William Owens is a very hostile speaker who has made it clear than this views go beyond simple policy agreement.  He believes (and frequently claims) that homosexuality is not natural:

Owens has even linked homosexuality to bestiality: "Well if it’s a civil right for a man to marry man, and a woman to marry woman, what’s the difference of a man deciding he wants to have sex with a dog?"

He has said of the Obama administration' support for LGBT rights: "The Antichrist must rejoice in the way that the lawless policies of this current administration are destroying this land." 

In a video he and his wife Deborah produced to promote NOM's 2014 March for Marriage, Owens linked marriage for same-sex couples to slavery, the KKK, segregation, racism, and other problems that have plagued the African American community.

Mr Owens also supported Russia's draconian laws banning gay so-called "propaganda," suggesting the nation is simply trying "to stem the tide of moral decline in ‘their’ country."

In multiple messages on behalf of NOM and his own organization, Owens has declared that LGBT equality will "put the nails in the coffin of America" and "lead to divine confrontation." 

Yet despite (or because of?) his penchant for animus, Owens' profile with NOM only continues to grow.