NOM Exposed is a campaign-style operation that tracks and challenges the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage as it tries to influence elections and legislative campaigns across the country.

Damian Goddard

The Spokes-'victim'

In 2012, Goddard tweeted his support for "the traditional and TRUE meaning of marriage.”  Shortly therafter, the sports network with whom he contracted, Canada's Rogers Sportsnet, chose to release Goddard from his contract for what the network said were "well-documented reasons."

Virtually overnight, Goddard became a NOM hero, a role he played quite eagerly.

Goddard became spokesman for a new NOM project, the "marriage anti-defamation alliance," wherein he introduced slickly produced videos of people who had supposedly been "punished" for their discriminatory views on marriage.

In the 2012 election cycle, NOM featured Goddard in a number of campaign ads, portraying him as a victim of same-sex marriage.

Goddard has filed complains with Canada's Human Rights Commission, claiming he was unfairly penalized because of his religious beliefs.  The Commssion dismissed his complaint.

During his time working with NOM, Goddard grew ever more strident in his anti-gay activities, frequently promoting the idea that homosexuality is "changeable," equating homosexuality with sexual abuse of children, claiming that "one of the greatest lies making its rounds is 'being gay is a blessing from God'," claiming homosexuality is "an utter revolt against the tenets of nature," and suggesting that marriage equality leads to a "#SpiritualDeath" that's worse than being sunk into an ocean, and referring to President Obama as "The Terrorist-in-Chief."