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Chuck Stetson

Mr. Education

According to, Chuck Stetson served on Maggie Gallagher’s board at the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy in 2007, and the Institute for American Values in 2008.

Stetson is chair and CEO of Essentials in Education, an organization that aims to include teaching of the Bible as a fundamental part of English literature curriculum in high school and college.

Stetson has contributed nearly $110,000 to political candidates and political action committees (PACs) since 1979, including Mitt Romney’s failed 1994 Senate challenge to the late Ted Kennedy, Alan Keyes’ presidential run in 1996, as well as Keyes’ subsequent PACs, the presidential run of Gary Bauer, Mike Huckabee’s presidential run in 2007, and Common Sense Issues PAC, which supports such candidates as Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Senators Tom Coburn and Jim DeMint, all of whom score in the bottom of the pack on HRC’s Congressional Scorecard, which ranks congressional members on their votes to support (or oppose) LGBT equality measures.

Claims that same-sex marriage will destroy the economy: "[Stetson] also warns that the recent legitimization of same-sex marriage in New York is perilous to the state’s fiscal future and is akin to legislating public policy against believers. Citing the incidence of a female doctor who was sued for refusing to provide artificial insemination to a lesbian, Stetson said, 'This [legislation] is a disaster for business in New York. If you’re a young person just graduating and you want to practice in New York State and it’s hostile to your faith, you will go to another state.'”