NOM Exposed is a campaign-style operation that tracks and challenges the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage as it tries to influence elections and legislative campaigns across the country.

Brian Brown

The President

Brian Brown, the National Organization for Marriage president (succeeding Maggie Gallagher in September 2011), cut his anti-equality chops at the Family Institute of Connecticut, which he led from 2001-2007. He moved from Connecticut to Princeton, NJ, in 2007 to lead both NOM and Common Sense America. He currently lives in Washington, DC, where NOM is now headquartered.

Brian Brown was criticized in a newspaper editorial for attacking – through Common Sense America – a New Jersey legislative candidate without revealing his campaign finance sources.

He and the Family Institute of Connecticut, along with the Knights of Columbus, collected 90,000 signatures to support a petition defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

When Brown was head of the Family Institute of Connecticut, he urged his members to attend a “Love Won Out” conference in Boston in 2005. In a message to his members, Brian Brown wrote: “With Connecticut’s same-sex civil union law going into effect…pastors, parents and other concerned citizens will be increasingly forced to face issues relating to homosexuality. …At the conference, you will hear from nationally known experts who have firsthand experience with the seldom-told side of the homosexual issue. You’ll learn how to minister to a loved one who’s dealing with homosexuality, respond to misinformation in our culture, defend biblical beliefs and prevent your child from embracing this destructive way of life" <p>Brian Brown was pleased in 2002 to see the number of at-home mothers on the rise.

He opposed civil union legislation in Connecticut in 2004 as head of the Family Institute of Connecticut: “A vote for civil unions is a vote for same-sex marriage and there is no right to same-sex marriage. The civil rights claim is bogus.”

Brian Brown marched in Hartford to protest the election of the Reverend V. Gene Robinson to lead the Episcopal Church in New Hampshire because Robinson is openly gay.

He protested the Hartford Public Schools System’s distribution of condoms and other contraceptives to students in 2001.

Brian Brown registered as a lobbyist in New Hampshire, Vermont and New York in 2009.

Among our additional favorite quotes from Brian Brown are the following:

  • “Same-sex unions are not marriages and Iowans should not be forced by law to treat them as such.” … “This madness has to end. No good can come of a law based on a lie, and same-sex unions are not marriages.”
  • “Governor Lynch and a narrow majority of the Legislature today have ripped a significant hole in the fabric of New Hampshire society by passing same-sex marriage legislation.”
  • “…Same-sex unions are not marriages. Political regimes based on lies about human nature cannot last. Same-sex marriage takes a sacred institution, with deep roots in human nature, and tries to turn it into the plaything of politicians, a creature of the state, a bundle of rights to be tossed about between adults. Something so feebly rooted, so fragilely constructed and imposed cannot last.”
  • “The One who designed marriage knew what He was doing. And we will never sit back passively and permit our own government to teach our own children a lie. Same-sex unions are not marriage. Same-sex marriage is not a civil right, it is a civil wrong.”