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You asked, and NOM’s Brian Brown was forced to answer (re-posted)

July 31, 2010

(Many folks did not receive their usual e-mail alert when this went up late yesterday, so re-posting it -Adam)

By Adam Bink

This is a must-see video I had to highlight for you from this afternoon’s event in Rochester, MN. In fact, given the #NOMTurnoutFAIL in yet another parking lot, one could argue it’s the highlight:

In the video, Arisha puts forward several of the questions you asked in today’s open question thread and other places, including the role of religion in our government, what people say when they mean “a Christian nation”, and on whether Brown agrees with other speakers that gay people are “perverted”, “diseased”, “unfit parents”, have propensity to be pedophiles, or other such distasteful comments. Watch his response- he clearly gets uncomfortable with the latter question from Sagesse in today’s thread, and by the fact that speakers at his rally are saying such things.

Keep those questions coming, everyone, and we’ll continue to put Brian on the hot seat.