The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

When times get tough?  Eh, just call our President ‘lawless’

July 30, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper, Guest Contributor

Check out this new graphic that NOM is using as a fundraising pitch:

NOM Graphic


By "lawless," NOM of course really means "refusing to defend unconstitutional laws."  All of the people pictured (from left: PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane, US Attorney General Eric Holder, POTUS, CA Governor Jerry Brown, and IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan) have refused to defend the so-called Defense of Marriage Act because they know that flawed, never-should've-happened, animus-driven idea should have never moved forward on either a federal or state level.  Many of us have been saying that for years, and our independent judiciary, right up to the high court of the land, has been busily confirming what we have all known.  These elected/appointed officials are simply utilizing their right to refuse legislatively-enacted laws that they, in their trained wisdom, deem unsound on a constitutional level—something that Attorneys General, in particular, do all the time.  It's only more notable in these instances because the marriage cases bring so much attention.

But NOM won't tell you all that.  No, no—they just take it upon themselves to tell their supporters that all of these people, right up to the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, are lawless individuals who need to be publicly mocked.  Or more to NOM's point: used as a way to raise some quick cash, regardless of what the anti-intellectual attack lines might do these public servants' reputations or the overall tone of our discourse around this issue.  So long as NOM gets paid, they win (in their eyes).  It's been that way ever since the beginning, when the org launched itself off a meanspirited billboard campaign that compared a local lawmaker to Judas.

This organization.  Sheesh.