The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

‘Washington Times’ gives up all illusion of objectivity (#March4Marriage)

June 17, 2014, by Jeremy Hooper, Guest Contributor

It's no secret that The Washington Times is a conservative paper.  It's also no secret that the paper has a history of editorializing against LGBT people, our rights, and our general welfare.  

Even so, this is still a crazy development for a media outlet that has any interest in seeming mainstream:

Facebook share from NOM

I am a writer who writes exclusively about LGBT issues and who has a very clear point of view. I run a website that is fully geared toward fighting for LGBT equality.  But even so, I'd be reluctant to sign on as a media sponsor for a some sort of pro-LGBT political event analogous to NOM's march.  Even if I agreed with the underlying cause, I'd be reluctant to take ownership of the host organization, the other sponsors, the chosen speakers, and the sum of these parts.  It's just not the role of a media outlet. 

And it doesn't end at sponsorship and online petition, either.  According to NOM, The Washington Times is also hosting the official live stream for the march and—AND!—is producing a special magazine commemorating the march.  The Times is essentially becoming the official archivist.  

What next, a commemorative plate with Brian Brown's face on it for all new Washington Times' subscribers?!