The Rise and Fall of the National Organization for Marriage

Um, Frank Schubert, buddy—your ‘track record’ includes your losses, too

June 03, 2013, by Jeremy Hooper, Guest Contributor

Check out this, the sole listing that National Organization For Marriage's Political Director includes in his "initiative track record" for the year 2012:

Frank Schubert's initiative track record for 2012

[SOURCE: Mission Public Affairs]

There would seem to be a few things missing.  Four things to be exact: Minnesota, Maine, Washington, and Maryland, the four high profile states where he served as campaign manager and where he suffered a clean sweep of historic losses.  This document, which purports to be a record of his wins and losses, gives not a single mention to these four states, all of which now have marriage equality thanks, in at least some part, to ineffective work on Mr. Schubert's side.

You just can't do this.  A professional public affairs guy can't list only his one "win" in 2012 and completely overlook the four major losses.  Sure, it might be helpful in terms of recruiting new business, but it's not a "track record"—it's revisionist history.